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CACAO - Husk
Theobroma cacao


Cellulite, obesity, edema ...


Composition :
100% Theobroma cacao - 415 mg

Part used :

The Cocoa Tree (Theobroma cacao) is a evergreen tree in the Mallows family (Malvaceae), native to the upper Amazon region and southern Mexico. It can reach 4 – 20 meters (13-66ft) in height, with leaves which can measure up to 60 cm (24in) in length and 10 cm (4in) in width. The tree produces clusters of pale yellow flowers with five petals and sepals. The fruits, green, white, purple or red, oval pods (drupes), about 15 – 30 cm (6-12in) in length and containing 20-50 seeds (or beans) and a white pulp, require 4-5 months to mature. The seeds are rich in fat (Cocoa butter) and used to make cocoa powder and chocolate, while the pulp in some countries is used to make a refreshing juice. The commercial life of a tree is about 25 years, with the main production region being West Africa (Ivory Coast).

For medicinal use, the husk of the Cocoa Tree, which is rich in Theobromine, a substance similar to Caffeine which has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, is dried and milled to a powder. Theobromine is highly appreciated as it helps to re-shape body esthetics and stimulate body metabolism. For further information and use of Cocoa Tree husk with weight loss programs, please refer to the section ‘Phyto-Joule’ (under Carob).

History: The generic name of the Cocoa Tree derives from the greek words for ‚god‘ (theos) and ‚food‘ (broma), meaning ‚food for the goods‘ (theobroma). The Maya believed that Cocoa was discovered by the god Quetzalcoatl in a mountain that also contained other foods used by th gods. The first Europeans to encounter Cocoa were Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1502. Cocoa was subsequently introduced to the Spanish as a beverage when they met with Montezuma at Tenochtitlan in 1519. Within a century, the culinary and medicinal use of Cocoa had spread to France and England and was cultivated in Carribbean plantations.


2-6 capsules daily, with plenty of water.