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Squalene exogene oleum


High cholesterin, circulatory disorders, obesity, cellulite, allergies, diabetes, disorders of the immune System ...


Composition :
100% Squalene exogene oleum - 455 mg

Part used :
Shark liver-oil

For many centuries, sharks have been caught as a by-catch and their meat appreciated as a delicacy. On fishing boats even today, shark liver oil is being used to treat open wounds, prevent colds and cough and as a restorative in general, since life on a fishing trawler is hard.

Recent studies show that shark liver oil improves lymphatic activity; in chinese medicine it is used to restore the immune system. The Omega-3 fatty acids it contains regulate cholesterin levels. In addition, the oil is rich in vitamin A and D.

Note: Sharks are not being hunted for shark cartilage; they are a by-catch of regular fishing (i.e. not only teir meat (or fins), but the entire catch is used).


Take 1-2 capsules 3 times daily, with plenty of water.