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Silybum marianum / Carduus marianus


Weak gall bladder or liver, hepatitis, fatty liver (adipohepatic), cirrhosis of the liver, diseases of gall bladder and spleen, gall bladder colic, stitch, portal vein thrombosis (pylethombosis) ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Silibum marianum fructus - 500 mg

Part used :

The Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum), aka Marian Thistle, Saint Mary’s Thistle or Mediterranean Milk Thistle, is a member in the Daisy family (Asteraceae), native to southern Europe, northern Africa, southern Russia and through to parts of Asia. It grows typically 1.5 meters (4-5ft) tall. This fairly typical thistle has red to purple flower balls and shiny pale green leaves with white veins. The medical parts of the plant are the ripe seeds.

Milk Thistle is a very effective medicinal herb for treatment of health disorders related to the liver - cirrhosis, hepatitis, increased bilirubin levels – but also for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and general lack of appetite. The seeds of the plant contain a bio-active substance called silymarin, consisting mostly of flavonolignans like silibinin, isosilibinin, silicristin, which as a complex block the accumulation of toxins in the liver and help to regenerate the liver, stimuate the gall bladder and detox the organism. Among herbal remedies, only Desmodium (Tick Clover) can be compared to the effectiveness of Milk Thistle when it comes to treatment of the liver.

It is recommended to counter the effects of pollution and toxins contained in foods with a detox and regenerative program with Milk Thistle two or three times a year. Regular and even prolonged use of Milk thistle seeds will not overstimulate the liver but to the contrary provide powerful protection. The use of the capsules is preferable, as silymarin does not dissolve well in water; the powdered seeds contain all the benefits of the bio-active complex, without any additives.

History: Milk Thistle has been used as a medicinal herb since medieval times. Paracelsus mentiones Milk Thistle in his writings and a certain Rademacher, a german physicist of the 17th centur who studied the plant concluded that it was ‘good as a liver remedy’.


Take 2 capsules three times daily, with plenty of water, preferably before going to sleep.