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Peumus boldus


Disorders of the gall bladder, to prevent gall stones and liver deficiency, light laxative, stomach disorders (best combined with Artichoke) ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Peumus boldus folium - 320 mg

Part used :

Boldo is a evergreen bush or tree growing to be 6 meters high (20ft) which belongs to the Monimia family (Monimiaceae). The leaves are egg-shaped with a woody surface, the white or yellow blossoms are fragrant, the florescence is arranged like grapes. The plant is native in Chile, but also grows wild in the Mediterranean, particularly in northern Africa.

Chilean farmers noticed that goats which ate the leaves from the boldo tree never succumbed to hepatitis. In peruvian, argentinian and chilean folk medicine Boldo is used to treat digestive disorders. Throughout South America, the leaves are also used for culinary purposes. They dissolve cramps and stimulate the gall production of the liver. This is due to active ingredients which include essential oils, boldine (a alcaloid) and flavonglucoside. It is beneficial to combine Boldo with Artichoke and alternate with Devil’s Claw or Thistle.


Take 2 capsules three times daily, with plenty of water, lastly before going to bed.