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FUMITORY / Earth Smoke
Fumaria officinalis


Gout, rheumatism, fatigue, loss of appetite, helminths (e.g. tapeworm, a intestinal parasite), weak liver; increasing amount of blood, stimulating gastric juices, flow of saliva ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Fumaria officinalis herba - 320 mg

Part used :
Blooming herb

Fumitory, or Earth Smoke (Fumaria officinalis), is the name giving variety in the sub-family of the Fumitory (Fumarioidae), a classification in the poppy seed family (Papaveraceae). Fumitory is herbaceous annual plant of the northern hemisphere which grows weakly erect, sometimes climbing, with stalks about 10 to 50 cm (4 to 20in) long. The pink flowers appear from April to October. The fruit is an achene (single seed fruit) which contains alkaloids, potassium salts, tanning agents, mucilage, choline and flavanoids which have blood cleansing, cholesterin reducing and gall regulating properties. Recent studies show that Fumitory has a draining effect on the colon, relaxes the constrictor muscles of the gall bladder channel and liquefies gall (all of which contributes to the blood cleansing and cholesterin reducing properties).

Every blood cleansing regime should include Fumitory; taken over a period of two weeks it has a tonifying effect, thereafter its relaxing, slimming and sleep enhancing properties kick in. Some say, Fumtory may also increase lifespan.

History: Even 2‘000 years ago Fumitory was known for the indications given above. Unfortunately, the herb was completely forgotten in medieval times and was only recently rediscovered by french phytotherapists.

Note: Overdose may cause stomach pain.


Take 2-6 capsules (max.) daily, with plenty of water.