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FENNEL - 小茴香
Foeniculum dulce / vulgaris


Digestive disorders with cramps, bloating, migraine, lactation, depression, fatigue. Also : Fatigue with missing menstruation, constipation, bronchitis, spasms, frigidity, impotence ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Foenicul. dulce/vulgaris fructus - 390 mg

Part used :

Fennel is a bi-annual, rugged herbaceous plant which grows to a height of 40 to 200 cm (15 to 80in). It is native in the Mediterranean and it is the only member of the classification Foeniculum in the carrot (parsley) family (Apiaceae). Fennel has a odor which reminds of Anise (Pimpinella anisum). Fennel is very popular as a vegetable, as a spice and as a medicinal plant.

Mattioli wrote: ‘’This herb, especially the seeds of the wild Fennel, imbibed as a infusion, makes a mother have plenty of milk for her newborn.’’ Every mother experiences the effect fennel has on the bloating of a newborn; if the mother eats Fennel herself, the amount of her milk will increase (provided she also drinks a lot of water) and the beneficial properties of the Fennel will be passed on to her offspring. Fennel soothes cramps and promotes mucus discharge with bronchitis. The essential oils (e.g. Estragol, Anethol) and flavanoids (e.g. Rutin) contained within have soothing, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

History: In antiquity, Fennel was considered a cure-all and used to increase strenght. In medieval times, Fennel was chewed during church sermons in order to suppress digestive sounds.


Take 2-3 capsules 2 to 3 times daily, with plenty of water.