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FIG - 榕屬
Ficus carica


Digestive disorders, blood cleansing, obesity, cough ... The fresh dried fruits may be used for constipation.


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Ficus carica folium - 230mg

Part used :

The Fig tree is a medium size shrub or tree in the Mulberry family (Moraceae). The plant belongs to the species Tribus Ficae which is one of the oldest and most popular species cultivated throughout the Mediterranean. The tree is native in Asia and in the Mid-East.

The Fig tree has caracteristic, heart-shaped leaves. The branches contain a white liquid (latex) which is rich in enzymes (lipase, diastase, proteinase) critical for a healthy digestion. Latex also contains ficines, Furocumarin, Cumarin and glutamic acid – compounds which have a calming effect on the nervous system. Latex is also used to treat warts and boils and it may help to reduce freckles.

History : In antiquity, Fig leaves were used to treat cough.


Take 3-6 capsules daily, with plenty of water.