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Equisetum arvense


Infection of the urinary bladder, albumuria (excessive protein in the urine ; a sign of kidney disease), kidney stone, mineral deficiency, infection of the oral mucous, nose bleeding, bleeding, fragile finger nails, fragile teeth, profuse sweating, diseased tissue, stretch marks, rheumatism, Gout ...


Composition :
100% Equisetum arvense herba - 220 mg

Part used :
Entire plant

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), is a herbaceous perennial plant in the Horsetail family (Equisetaceae), native throughout the arctic and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The sterile stems are 10 – 90 cm (4-35in) tall, with jointed segments around 2 – 5 cm (0.8-2in) long with whorls of side shoots at the segment joints. Some stems have as many as 20 segments. The fertile stems are succulent-textured, off-white, 10 – 25 cm (4-10in) tall, with 4 – 8 whorls of brown scale leaves, and a apical brown spore cone 10 – 40 mm (0.4-1.5in) long and 4 – 9 mm (0.1-0.4in) broad.

The Horsetail is is a unique plant in many respects; for example, it contains a unique blend of bio-active ingredients including silicic acid, glycoside, tanning agents, saponin (equisetonin), iron, manganese, aluminum, magnesia, flavanoids and palustrin. Due to these substances, Horsetail has diuretic, hemostatic (nose bleed), re-mineralizing and skin rejuvenating properties. Only Bamboo (Bambousa arundinacea) has a higher silicic acid content and is even more suited to treat scars and skin blemishes. Alternating the latter with Horsetail constitutes a powerful longterm program to keep the organism mineralised – especially beneficial and recommended for elder persons.

The shoots of Horsetail have strongly diuretic properties and their use is effective in treating prostate problems and disorders of the urinary tract, as well as bed wetting and skin problems.

History: In traditional European folk medicine, Horsetail was used internally as tea, or externally as baths or compresses, for treatment of disorders of the skin, locomotor system, kidneys and urinary tract, rheumatism and gout.


Take 3-6 capsules daily, with plenty of water.