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Carotene (Beta-Carotene) - 胡蘿蔔
Daucus carota


Skin tanning, fine skin, eyes, hair, pregnancy and lactation, virtamin A deficiency ...


Composition :
100% Daucus carota radix / oil extract and vitamin A - 300 mg

Part used :
Carrot root.

Carotenes are non-polar and therefore soluble in fat. The human organism can metabolize carotene only in combintion with fat. The most popular Carotinoid is beta-Carotene – hence the name for the entire group of Carotenes.

Beta-Carotene is the most important precursor to vitamin A in foods which is why it is also called provitamin A. Carotene is found in many foods, e.g. corn, beans and parsley. It has most beneficial properties for the eyes ; it also affects pigmentation of the skin and makes for more attractive skin when tanning (too much of it can turn the skin yellow, however). It has also been observed that hair becomes more shiny and nails grow faster – particularly when taken in combination with Bamboo (Bambousa arundinacea) or Horse Tail (Equisetum arvense). It is recommended during pregnancy, as the requirements for Carotene are increased during this period (caution : do not overdose). There are no known side effects to the use of Carotene.



Take 2-3 capsules one two to five times daily, with plenty of water.