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Muscles, bones, skin, osteoporosis, immune system deficiency, vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency; rich in vitamins, mineral salts, gamma globulins, enzymes ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% dried colostrum - 200 mg

Part used :
First breast milk extract

Colostrum, also known colloquially as beestings (cows), bisnings or first milk, is a form of milk produced by mammals (including humans) in late pregnancy. Most species will generate it just prior to giving birth. With humans, the composition of the milk changes within the first 18 to 36 hours until after about 5 days the ‘normal’ composition is arrived at.

Colostrum contains critical antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, as well as being lower in fat and higher in protein than ordinary milk. Colostrum contains proteins, enzymes, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C and E, minerals (calcium, phosphor and magnesium), growth hormones, amino acids and antibodies. Its anti-viral properties are due to so called globulines.

The most pertinent bioactive components in colostrum are growth factors and antimicrobial factors. The antibodies in colostrum provide passive immunity, while growth factors stimulate the development of the gut. Colostrum is recommended to maintain and regulate skin, muscles and bones as well as the immune system. The adaptogenes contained within are beneficial for treatment of fatigue, growth disorders and recovery after disease.

Note: When purchasing Colostrum, make sure the product contains 20% or more of globulines.


Use: Take 3-6 capsules daily, with plenty of water.