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Cinnamomum ceylanicum


Diabetes, digestive disorders, disorders of the pancreas, bloating, colds, diarrhea, high cholesterin levels ; to stimulate appetite, as a adstringent, tonic, digestive ...


Composition :
100% Cinnamomum ceylanicum cortex - 350mg capsule

Part used :

The Cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum ceylanicum) is a small evergeen tree in the Laurel family (Lauraceae), native to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Madagascar and soutern India. It typically grows to 10 – 20 meters (33–66ft) tall. The leaves are ovate-oblong in shape, 7 – 18 cm (3–7in) long. The flowers, which are arranged in panicles, have a greenish color, and a distinct odor. The fruit is a purple 1 cm (1/3in) drupe containing a single seed.

The spice Cinnamon, is processed from the bark of the tree (through fermentation).

Bio-active ingredients include essential oils, tanning agents, rubber, sugars, resins, calcium oxalate and traces of coumarin. These substances have tonic, adstringent, blood coagulating and digestive properties; they may also prevent bloating. Beneficial effects have been observed with patients suffering from diabetes and irregular menstrual cycles.

The essential oils contained in Cinnamon have antiseptic and anti-parasitical properties ; products containing essential oils of cinnamon are used to disinfect skin and mouth. In aromatherapy it is used as a tonic.

Counter Indication: Overdose may cause cramps.


Take 2 capsules up to 3 times daily (max. 2g or 0.07oz), with plenty of water.