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BORAGE OIL & 10 mg Vitamin E - 琉璃苣
Borago officinalis oleum


Skin rejuvenating (smoothens wrinkles, enances elasticity, anti-aging), eczema, inflammation of the veins (phlebitis), varicose veins, hemorrhoids, Angina pectoris, metabolic disorders (gout, arthrosis, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, diabetes), nervousness, impotence, multiple sclerosis, hormonal imbalances ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Borago officinalis oleum + 10 mg Vit. E - 510 mg

Part used :
Seed oil (cold pressed)

Borage, also known as starflower, is a annual herb in the Borage family (Boraginaceae). Originally native to the Mediterranean region, it is today being cultivated throughout Europe and also commercially grown to produce Borage oil.

The plant is rich in unsaturated fatty acids – a fact which was only recently discovered. Unsaturated fatty acids are critical for life and borage is rich in a particular type which is rare in nature (gamma-linolenic acid and gamma-dohomo-linolenic acid). Borage oil contains 15-23% of these essential fatty acids (only Evening Primrose comes even close with 6-9%) which have properties similar to vitamin F (essential for metabolic processes ; also dubbed ‘nerve vitamin’). Vitamin F can help eliminate sexual disorders and stimulate blood circulation, giving the veins more elasticity.

These extraordinary fatty acids are called prostaglandines no.1 (PG1) – not to be confused with arachidone acids (PG2), which, if too abundant, may have negative effects on the organism. P1 fatty acids, in contrast, have a balancing effect and are beneficial in treating arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, high cholesterin and clotting of blood plates (thrombocytes).

Recent studies have shown the organism to produce P1 from fatty acids ; however, this capability decreases with age (i.e. from 30-35 onward). The reasons therefore are many : issues with liver function, diabetes, a deficiency in enzymes, or stress. Regular consumption of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) can stimulate and maintain production of P1, producing results in the treatment of hemorrhoids, phlebitis, varicose veins, Angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, high cholesterin, diabetes, cellulite, skin diseases, obesity, senility, menstrual cramps, menopause, hormonal imbalance, edema, gout, arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, depression, blindness, multiple sclerosis, even various childhood diseases. In studies with MS patients, an astounding 80% reduction of symptoms was observed.

Borage oil has a very broad range of beneficial effects and applications; it is not a cure-all, but it is very effective with diseases based on a deficiency of some sort. A major area of application is skin care : the stimulation of the sebaceous glands, among other effects, prevents aging and drying of the skin, maintains elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It is not recommended, however, with oily skin or acne. Alcohol, nicotine and frequent consumption of animal fats may result in problem skin ; Borage oil cleanses the organism and eliminates toxins from the body. New studies have shown, that Borage oil may stimulate the adrenal gland and foster the production of adrenalin.

History: John Evelyn wrote in 1699 : «Borage will give new life force to the hypochondriac and keep the student awake.»

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Take 1-2 capsules one or two times daily, with plenty of water.