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BIRCH - 桦 树
Betula alba


Edema, rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation of the bladder, blood cleansing, cellulite, gout, swelling of the joints, kidney and bladder stones, excessive sweating, foot perspiration, excessive uric acid, weak kidney with skin impurities ...


Composition :
Capsule 100% Betula alba folium - 500 mg

Part used :

The Birch tree is a genus in the Birch plant family (Betulaceae). This tree is a pioneer plant often found in open planes. The leaves have body cleansing, fluid draining and disinfecting properties ; they act vitalizing and skin cleansing. Active ingredients include saponines, tannic acids, essential oils, tree resin, glycosides, minerals, flavones and vitamin C.

Birch promotes the elimination of uric acid and uric salts; it may be consumed over extended periods of time without causing the kidneys to be overstimulated. The use of Birch may increase kidney activity five-fold, which requires a adjustment of daily water intake. As a preventive measure, it is highly recommended to follow a regime with Birch 2-3 times per year. With certain conditions (e.g. gout, rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis) it is beneficial to combine Birch with Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens). For treatment of psoriasis prepare a Birch boil and apply.

History: Back in antiquity, Birch was a staple in popular medicine with a wide range of medical applications.


Take 2 capsules three times daily, with plenty of water, 1 hour before or after a meal.