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Bambousa arundinacea


Smooth skin, hair growth, disorders of the hair root, broken finger/toe nails, excessive sweating, ulcerations, boils, wounds not closing, habitual shivering, depression, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism ...


Composition :
Capsule, 100% Bambousa arundinacea - 300 mg

Part used :
Dried marrow

Bamboo is the largest existing sweet grass – growing up to a towering 36 meters (120ft). It is also the fastest growing plant, with increases of up to a meter per day (3ft). The plant grows a grassy, wooden stem with delicate foliage and sometimes huge panicles (blossoms). Bamboo is native on all continents, except Europe and the Antarctis. China alone knows over 500 varieties, Japan has over 100.

Bamboo can bond silica, a trace element which is abundant in nature, but lacking in industrialized food products (typical menu) ; regular diet programs with Bamboo are therefore highly recommendable. Bamboo contains 77% of silica which has the medical properties to heal all of the aboved mentioned indications. It also balances the mineral and trace element metabolism of the body. It also reduces depression (which is often a result of a reduced mineral and trace element metabolism). Silica is a critical component in skin and bone growth.

History: The famous italian physician Alessio Piemontese described 1683 the use of Eye Bright in his popular book ‘The Secrets of Alexis of Piedmont’. Castor Durante (chief physician of 16th century pope Sixtus V) wrote: ‚The consumption of Eye Bright turns an old man’s sight into that of a young adult and even eliminates defects of vision. Many can read without glasses, even though they needed them before, if they drink the Euphrasia powder in their wine for several months.“ Sebastian Kneipp, a bavarian priest and founder of the naturopathic medicine movement in 19th century Germany, used Eye Bright as a stomach bitter to balance the digestive system.


Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day with plenty of water