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Argania spinosa


Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, high cholesterin, deficiency of poly-unsaturated fatty acids ...


Composition :
Argan almonds and seeds

Part used :
100% Argania spinosa oleum (cold pressed, organic)

The Argan tree is one of the oldest trees known; today, it only grows in southwestern Morocco. It may reach a diameter of 15 meters (50ft). From the fruits (pits), the valuable Argan oil is pressed which is used for its nutritive and cosmetic properties: thanks to a unique combination of various unsaturated fatty acids (close to 80% of content) it is used not only for (gourmet) cooking, but as a valued food supplement. In the cosmetics industry, Argan oil has achieved a reputation for making the skin ultrasoft.

Multiple times per year, the tree produces fruits which are highly appreciated by goats that do not hesitate to climb the tree to get at them. The harvesting and processing of the Argan fruits is traditionally done by women; when the fruit is sufficiently dried, the pulp and the bad pits are removed. The pits are cracked and the almonds contained are manually processed with a mortar. Then clean water is added and, similar to making dough, the almond paste is worked until the oil is separated.

Argan oil is rich in phytosterols (which have LDL cholesterol lowering properties) and alpha-Tocopherol (a type of vitamin E). Scientists are particularly interested in learning more about phytosterins – especially Schottenole and Spinasterole, two delta-7-Stigmasterols which are rare in other cooking oils. Some reports claim that Schottenole has anti-tumoral properties; Spinasterole appears to have a cell-growth-stimulating effect. These natural substances are excellent remedies for fighting free radicals and enhancing the immune system.

Summary :

  • Argan oil is an excellent gourmet cooking oil
  • 80% of the oil consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic acid and linolic acid
  • Argan oil is rich in natural anti-oxidants which fight free radicals and make it a excellent dietary supplement
  • Argan oil has anti-aging properties which makes it a critical supplement for men and women 50+
  • Argan oil prevents the skin from drying and prematurely aging; it is recommended for treatment of skin disorders like eczema, itching, scratches, etc.
  • Look out for a high-quality, pure and organic (certified) product.

Recommended daily dose : 1 TS before meals (2-3 times daily). Argan oil is excellent for treating hair (dry, brittle hair, hair loss) and skin (mature skin, damaged skin, sunburn, itching).

History: The moroccan state, in a belief that industrialization may not always be the best solution to promote social progres, supported the creation of a agrarian union (Union des Cooperatives des Femmes de l’Arganeraie, UCFA) which today has 22 cooperatives with over 1'000 women providing a first class, artisan product. Due to the traditional manufacturing process, the quality of the product is 100% warranted. With the cosmetics industry as a customer, the production and sale of Argan oil has become a sustainable buisness and over 6'000 family members can subsist in their rural villages and do not need to migrate to the cities. As a side effect, the rural region between Agadir and Essaouira is prevented from becoming a desert (desertification).

Note: The difference between Argan oil and other, high quality oils lies in the highly balanced combination of fatty acids and linolic acid (Omega-6). Since the quantities produced in Morocco are relatively small, it is tempting for many traders to stretch the product. Buy only pure, unadulterated and certified Argan oil (Le Myosotis Argan oil is a certified organic product).


Take 1 TS 2-3 times daily, externally or internally (before meals)