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Welcome by Sanat International

Natures healing ways - short & precise

The use of botanical drugs & preparations in medicine

Sanat International is one of Europes leading distributors in plant extracts. In extending our information to those searching a particular plant extract for an illness, we are pleased to include a summary of text which can be found in the book "natures healing ways - short & precise", published by Sanamin and written by the author Walter Fürer. Contained within the book is an indication list of sicknesses and the appropriate course of plant extracts that may be taken. (pictue-gallery)

NEW : CD-ROM by SANAMIN  in english  german - french - italian.

A comprehensive version of "natures healing ways" with over 1200 pictures is available on CD-Rom to install on your home PC. Alternatively log into our home page at www.sanat.ch to find over 160 plant extracts recommended as a course of treatment to bestcombat your ailment. To place an order, simply send your name and address details to us per E-Mail or per fax to our logistic-center at Sanat- International  fax no: +41 (34) 423 10 33